Weather And Clothes

weather and clothes in Fukushima 1

When it rains, just open an umbrella. 雨が降ったら傘をさせばいい。We are fine under the sunshine. 晴れの日は心も晴れ晴れ。Sat. 5th July 2014
Misty rain then fine afternoon with sunlight and blue sky.
Coton shirt, coton pants, summer sneakers without socks.

from Koriyama to Aizu

a beginning of tender texture of Fukushima, from Koriyama to Aizu

We go through a long tunnel from Koriyama to Aizu. Once getting out of darkness, I feel something different in the scenery. There is no snow in this graceful season but in winter, deep snow suddenly appears here.
All is in the distance, does not lie on us. Aizu is an area in a fold of mountains, which makes rich and tender texture, has no heavy and closed pressure.

The layered texture from a distance can be seen in the spirits of Aizu people.

from Koriyama to Fukushima

Can you see the mountain layers in the distance?

twilight view from Higashiyama Onsen, AizuWakamatsu, Fukushima

twilight layers from Higashiyama Onsen, Aizu Wakamatsu, Fukushima