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Tsukiji Fish Market 築地市場

築地市場 Tsukiji fish market

Fish markets in Japan don’t smell.

The Tsukiji Market is a large wholesale market in Tokyo for food especially popular with fish.

As the other professional scenes are so, the market is very attractive for visitors.
Let’s visit there following their conditions!

general information about Tsukiji Market
Not only fish, the market also deals with meat, vegetable, fruits, tea, dry food, kitchen equipments, etc.
Tsukiji market on
inner market (wholesales area): Jonai(場内)
This is a business spot for sellers, distributors and buyers, first of all. The market is open from the early morning but visitors can get into after 9 a.m. for shopping.
The Tsukiji Market (official)
Tuna auction
Visitors’ Rules for the Tuna Auction Observation at the Tsukiji Market
outer market: Jogai(場外)
Tsukiji Outer Market (official)

築地市場 Tsukiji fish market

It’s almost 7 a.m. The market is not so busy.

築地市場 Tsukiji fish market

This is the place to make business for them, not an amusement center.

Tuna @ Tsukiji fish market 築地市場のまぐろ

Tunas gather, tunas leave…

わさび @ 築地場外市場 whole wasabi @ Tsukiji Outer market

Before grated, this is the whole wasabi’s shape!

築地市場 Tsukiji fish market

Mont blac by styrofoam boxes in Tsukiji fish market
築地のモンブラン by 発泡スチロール

築地四丁目交差点 Tsukiji Yon-chome crossing

The signboard of the arcade which leads to the fish market.