weather and clothes in Tokyo 8

We are fine under the sunshine. 晴れの日は心も晴れ晴れ。Enjoy comfort under cloud. 曇りは意外と快適。Fri. 24 Oct. 2014
Fine and mild day.
light wool haori-jacket, light wool kimono, silk Nagajuban(under-kimono), cupro petticoat, Nagoya-obi(broad sash), silk Obijime(decorative string), silk Obiage(sash), cotton tabi(socks) and Zori-sandals.

Yumiko Takabayashi 高林由美子

Sashiko embroidery hanging scroll by Yumiko Takabayashi @ Torindo in Ueno, Tokyo 高林由美子さんの刺し子掛け軸 @ 桃林堂 上野店

We are now in art-design festive season in Tokyo, many events and seminars are popping up throughout the city.
As I have an appointment with an Italian man and a Cyprian designer, I chose kimono style today to welcome them in autumn colors.

I drop by a Japanese sweets shop to take a rest. Enjoying a small cake in the shape of a kaki and Japanese green and brown tea, a fabric work caught my eyes.

This is the most impressive work in this season for me, more Japanese and familiar fantasy.

Sashiko needlework by Yumiko Takabayashi 高林由美子

pine needles and trunks by needlework of Yumiko Takabayashi 高林由美子さんの刺し子の松

Sashiko needlework by Yumiko Takabayashi 高林由美子

Yumiko’s threads realize wave bubbles. No same forms as so are the bubbles.

Another place in Aoyama, Tokyo of Torindo has a gallery.
Which taste will touch you, authentic or playful craft?


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