Simple Life

Nestor Campos

Harbour by Nestor Campos

Nestor Campos showing the lamp fitting of Harbour

Such a familiar shape.
It should have been around us.

I can put it on the table, on the floor or hung it on the wall or use as a pendant lamp…
How many ways can I think of?

Such a a familiar shape, part 2.
A cute table and a simple plate.

Sometimes it’s OK without the table top, just to keep a glass/cup by a couch.

For a chattering time on tatami floor, we can use both the blue top and the table with legs.

It’s very charming to put only the blue top on the floor, looks like floating.

Tabula by Nestor Campos

Nestor Campos starts explaining Tabula.

Tabula by Nestro Campos

He turns the table upside down on the floor. It works without blue table top, as well!

Tabula by Nestro Campos

He sets the blue top on the part with legs. I’m looking forward to seeing a customized version with the edge. ♥

Are your guests waiting for pinchos?
Sorry, wait for a minute. I need to carry slowly… if it had an edge around, slightly higher than the flat part…

@ designjunction 2014 in London