weather and clothes in Tokyo 9

We are fine under the sunshine. 晴れの日は心も晴れ晴れ。Sat. 15 November 2014
Fine day of deepening autumn.
Leather jacket, sweater, camisole, corduroy pants, wool muffler, wool socks and sneekers

Japanese plastering “Sakan” 左官

tied bamboo lattice

One side of tied bamboo lattice 竹小舞

Is it the only way to build a strong house by reinforced concrete?
No, no, no.

Techniques and materials deeply, naturally rooted in the locality is just telling an answer.

Take a look of the process of inner structure of Japanese plaster.

Akira Kuzumi 久住章

Akira Kuzumi 久住章, the master of plastering, explains the function baced on technique.

Akira Kuzumi 久住章

Akira Kuzumi 久住章 explains a way to tie a rope of the bamboo lattice to make a tough plaster

length of the rope to tie bamboo lattice

Prepare 2 and a half times of the width spreading out the arms.

starting tying of bamboo lattice

starting tying,
looks easy but…?

how to tie bamboo lattice

place one ring upon another

Checking the position of the knot

Checking the position

starting tying bamboo lattice

Ready to start!

Takekomai bamboo lattice

Working from both sides makes the process faster and smoother.

@ 大江戸左官祭り


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