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with intimate tools in your own way

bamboo chopsticks by Ken'ichi Otani

bamboo chopsticks by Ken’ichi Otani with summer partners

I’m not very good at relaxing myself by sitting on the floor, prefer another way without bending my knees when I enjoy Japanese food and drinks.

I like to use tablewares in mixed style, as well.

A glass from Hungary and a pair of bamboo chopsticks from Beppu, Kyushu Japan.

The bamboo chopsticks have very thin tips, the texture is not too smooth. They befit to pick up ingredients of Japanese dishes and sound cool.

In humid summer in Japan, more of made-in-Japan appear on my table, Sake from Aizu, Fukushima does for today.

a bamboo glass and spoons

a bamboo glass and spoons from Beppu. With which accompanies will you use them? Crème caramel or tofu? Beer or sake?

Ken'ichi Otani, bamboo craftsman of Beppu

Ken’ichi Otani, bamboo craftsman of Beppu